Ultimate Guide to Groom & Groomsmen Rental Shopping

So, you've picked out the most stunning wedding dress and beautiful bridesmaid dresses - what's next?! It's time to find the perfect attire for the groom and groomsmen! At the Wedding Shoppe, we understand the need for both online and in-store rental choices when it comes to groomsmen shopping. To ensure you have an accessible and trustworthy option in-store AND online, we've partnered with our friends at Generation Tux!

*We have heavily researched our top online suit choice to have confidence your groomsmen attire will surpass expectations. These recommendations are entirely our own, though we may earn commission through these links.

Generation Tux for Groomsmen Online: How It Works

If you've heard of the Wedding Shoppe, you know that we offer wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, groom/groomsmen rentals, and more! We're a one-stop-shop for all things wedding attire. Though we have countless wedding attire outfits to choose from in-store - including Generation Tux suits - we understand that visits to the store are not always possible. Whether you live out of town or prefer the convenience of online shopping, we want to provide you with a highly respected choice when it comes to groomsmen rentals. Here are some perks to expect when you choose to rent online.

Online Groomsmen Rentals Made Easy

We knew our top menswear choice would need to excel not only at providing the best groomsmen attire, but offer amazing service in the online space as well. Not only does Generation Tux offer menswear rentals we're proud to carry in-store, but their online services are impossible to beat!

When it comes to renting online, the process is simple! Rather than trying to take your own measurements, the only sizing info needed is your height, weight, and then answer a few simple questions. There is a 100% fit guarantee, so if it isn't the perfect size, a new suit will be sent to you! The groom and groomsmen will receive their attire 14 days ahead of the wedding - more than enough time to make sure the look is ideal!

Renting through Generation Tux online makes it SO easy to keep track of your groomsmen's orders! Simply build your desired look, invite your guys to place their order, and view the order progress from your account. You'll be able to see where everyone is at in the ordering process whenever you want - there'll be no last minute forgotten order surprises!

FREE At-Home Try On for the Couple!

A common downside to renting online is that you don't get to try on your attire ahead of ordering. With Generation Tux, that is not the case! Not only can you try on your desired suit or tux before you rent, but the wedding couple can do so for free! On top of the free try on, you can also choose 5 free fabric swatches to determine your favorite wedding colors. Find which suit/tuxedo, colors, and accessories best fit your vision!

Find Groomsmen Accessories that Match the Bridesmaids!

After being in the wedding space for decades, we understand the struggle of finding ties that coordinate with bridesmaid dresses. Luckily for you - Generation Tux carries an endless assortment of ties, bowties, and pocket squares to coordinate with almost any wedding color. Generation Tux's large online accessory selection makes shopping for men's attire so much easier. Best of all, these menswear accessories match especially well with Kennedy Blue, our most popular bridesmaid dress line! To get started, check out the selection of color swatches here!

Get the Groom's Suit Rental for Free

Not only can you receive free swatches and try ons with Generation Tux, but the groom is eligible for free attire! To qualify for a free rental is simple - just have 5 or more people in your party to rent a suit or tuxedo from Generation Tux. Want to keep your suit? Have 7 or more guys rent, and you can keep it for good! Best of all, rentals are not limited to groomsmen. So, anyone from fathers to ring bearers count towards your number!

In-Store Groomsmen Rentals at the Wedding Shoppe

If online groomsmen attire shopping isn't for you, the Wedding Shoppe is here for you! We would absolutely love for you to come visit or store in person for a more hands-on experience. At the Wedding Shoppe, we offer plenty of styles (including Generation Tux attire!) to choose from. Our highly trained stylists will help guide you to your perfect look and fit. When ordering Generation Tux in-store, you'll have an extra layer of support + guidance through our team (while maintaining all the online perks that Generation Tux offers!)

WSI In-Store GenTux Rentals GenTux Online Rentals

Receive hands-on guidance and stylist expertise to guide you to your perfect suit.

Convenient online shopping, with perks like: free shipping, free try ons, and virtual stylists.

A variety of suit and tuxedo styles, colors, and sizes. View Generation Tux's offerings (+ more) in person.

Slim and modern groomsmen attire styles available in many colors to fit your desired taste.

Personalized phone calls, reminders, and updates from in-store stylists.

Easy to follow event tracking with automatic reminders and alerts.

If you choose Generation Tux, attire is delivered to your house 14 days prior to event.

Attire is delivered to your house 14 days prior to event - enough time for any exchanges.

Stylists can accurately color match your bridesmaid dresses to your groomsmen accessories in-store.

Receive 5 FREE color swatches and choose from countless color shades for the closest match.

If something doesn’t fit, the Wedding Shoppe offers last minute backup alterations.

With the 100% fit guarantee, get a free replacement suit or tux if you are not satisfied.

Shopping online for groomsmen suits and visiting us at the Wedding Shoppe both have their unique perks! So, go ahead and choose the option that best suits the groom and groomsmen ~ we guarantee you will have an amazing rental experience either way.

How to Coordinate Bridesmaids + Groomsmen: Generation Tux

If you're leaning towards Generation Tux for your wedding day attire, here's some groomsmen attire in action! These are customer-favorites when it comes to groom and groomsmen styles - and they're perfectly paired with our Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses! Here are some of our favorite wedding party inspiration ideas in our most popular colors and looks.

1. Emerald Bridesmaid Dress + Black Groomsman Tuxedo

Sharp, classic, and formal - the Black Notch Tuxedo by Generation Tux is a staple for any black tie wedding. Paired next to a stunning jewel tone, your event will be top tier. Kennedy Blue's rich emerald green bridesmaid dresses complement the tuxedo look unlike any other color!

2. Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress + Blue Groomsman Suit

If you're thinking blue for your groomsmen, we're thinking that's a good idea! Paired with Kennedy Blue's beautiful Bordeaux bridesmaids dresses, this Mystic Blue Suit will look nothing short of classy! This timeless, mature color complements everyone in the bridal party. What's not to love about this look?

3. Moss Bridesmaid Dress + Gray Groomsman Suit

You can't go wrong with Iron Gray Suits for the groom and groomsmen. Likewise, you can't go wrong with Moss colored bridesmaid dresses! This up-and-coming pale green color looks like it's straight out of a fairytale. Featured in Kennedy Blue's new style, 'Sophie,' moss looks flawless next to gray suits.

4. Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress + Blue Groomsman Suit

Known as 'Spice,' this unique bridesmaid dress color is catching the attention of many upcoming brides! If you've chosen this stunning burnt orange color for your bridesmaids, we recommend choosing the Mystic Blue Suit by Generation Tux for your guys! After all, this trendy color looks breathtaking next to a groomsman in blue.

5. Dusty Pink Bridesmaid Dress + Gray Groomsman Suit

If you are looking for a groomsmen look that's classy, yet trendy, Iron Gray is your color! Generation Tux's Iron Gray Suit pairs beautifully with Kennedy Blue's Desert Rose color. This match looks especially perfect for spring and summer weddings. The romantic pink bridesmaid dress is featured in a new Kennedy Blue style, Shannon.

Trendy + Classy Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Looking for more style options for the groom and groomsmen? We've got you covered! Browse the entire collection here and get started with your free try on. Or, simply check out the featured Generation Tux tuxedos and suits below! With all of the modern styles available, you can't go wrong!

Popular Wedding Suits for Groomsmen

Suits are always a popular choice when it comes to men's wedding attire! This classy look will guarantee your groom + groomsmen to look sharp. Here are a just few favorites from Generation Tux's suit lineup ~ check out the whole collection here.

Navy Blue Suit

Gray Sharkskin Suit

Iron Gray Suit

Black Notch Suit

Modern Tuxedos for Groomsmen

If you're looking to make your wedding day have an extra touch of elegance, tuxedos are the way to go! Generation Tux carries a variety of colors and fits in the tuxedo category. View the entire collection here, or check out our favorites below!

Charcoal Gray Tux

Black Peak Tux

Light Gray Tux

Mystic Blue Tux

Let's Get Started!

Think that Generation Tux would make the perfect addition to your wedding? Get started with your freebies by creating an account here. We promise you'll love the free try on, free color swatches, and stunning styles!

If you have any questions about Generation Tux's products or offerings, send an email here. Or, if you want to learn more about in-store shopping at the Wedding Shoppe, reach us via live chat, email, or give us a phone call! We can't wait to help you find the perfect menswear attire for your big day!

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